The items that we can find in a gas station are numerous, especially in the convenience store, and  this often causes customers to be attracted to the place by the services or products to be acquired and, only in a second moment, they think if the vehicle needs be fueled.

Given that gas stations no longer only offer fuel, increasingly adding products and services to meet the wants of their customers, Microsffer launched in 2015  the SIGposto software to facilitate and increase the management of gas stations and convenience stores. Synchronized by MySIG, an app that takes the optimization to any smartphone, tablet or PC, the manager doesn’t spend time when he needs to check his business data to make a quick decision.Sistema para postos de combustível.

First company in Brazil to develop software for fuel stations compatible with the Microsoft Windows® platform, Microsffer is a pioneer in the development of efficient and complete technological solutions for the management of fuel stations and convenience stores, always in constant update considering the Market trends and particularly customer needs. Automação de postos de combustível.

Founded in 1998,the business | the corporation | this company has a long past of success marked by the focused work that made it a leader in the Brazilian market segment. It started its activities launching an innovative software, acquired gasoline stations that functioned as a school for Microsffer’s team, obtained the contract with the largest flag of gas stations in Brazil and, after implanting the full time support for customers, was acquired by Orpak , the world leader on the market segment. Backed by Orpak, Microsffer will continue to grow, expanding its nationwide presence using its locally approved station management and fiscal solutions, as well as Orpak’s value-added offering. Soon, customers of the company can expect promotion of the renowned ForeFuel (Fuel Payment by Vehicle’s RFID) solution, as well as the profit to use its analytics-based Wet Stock Management and cloud solutions, aggregated to Microsffer’s SIGposto, the best complete solution for station and convenience stores management in the present Brazilian market. Sistema para postos de gasolina.